Athlete Drip
Important nutrients for regeneration and recovery

Athlete Drip

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Fuel for your muscles: If the muscles have to work hard over a long period of time, they often lack the necessary energy. Only if the stores are well filled, we can train persistently and purposefully. This is exactly where our Athlete Drip comes in: With its special composition, this drip can improve oxygen transport and the flow properties of the blood.

Application time and cycle
Combination recommendation
Athlete Drip - book!

Mode of action Athlete Drip

  • May help with cellular magnesium fixation
  • May contribute to detoxification
  • May contribute to cellular membrane stabilization
  • Has a major influence on carbohydrate metabolism
  • May help modulate neuronal achievement and signal transmission in the brain (hearing, speech, movement)
  • May contribute to energy production
  • May support the breakdown of fatty acids
  • May support the inhibition of AGE formation


Unterstützung der Muskelregeneration
Support for muscle regeneration
Vor und nach Wettkämpfen
Before and after competitions
Während intensiver Trainingsphasen
During intensive training phases
Zur Unterstützung bei Verletzungen und Entzündungen
For support in case of injuries and inflammations

What clients say about  Athlete Drip

Since I do a lot of sport, I treat myself to the Athlete Drip every now and then and have the feeling that my body regenerates faster and better. This is definitely worth its weight in gold during my preparation for an Iron Man!

Lennart H.

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