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Welcome to DripDrip® your IV Therapy Bar in Hamburg and Berlin

Looking to boost your well-being, strengthen your immune system, or get an extra dose of energy? For these and many other needs, IV Drips can be an ideal option. A vitamin infusion, also known as an IV drip, is a method of administering a combination of water-soluble vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes intravenously (IV) based on your individual needs. Gently and evenly, the infusion is delivered drop by drop (drip) directly into the bloodstream. Unlike tablets, liquids or powders, which must first take a detour through the gastrointestinal tract, infusions have a 100% absorption rate. So the valuable nutrients work quickly and completely in your body.


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How does an IV Drip treatment work at DripDrip?

Do you want to boost your skin's cell generation, accelerate your muscle generation after exercise, or simply switch off and rest? Our IV Drip experienced and certified alternative practitioners will give you an individual and detailed consultation to find out which Drip perfectly suits your current needs. They will perform the treatment while you chill or treat yourself to one of our healthy drinks. Our IV Drip treatment rooms in Hamburg Eppendorf and Berlin Mitte are a place where you can feel comfortable and enjoy.

For your health, beauty and general well-being

Under the motto "elevate your health", the goal of our infusions is to replenish your nutrient stores and strengthen your metabolism in the preventive field. We offer IV infusions and injections in a luxurious setting for health, beauty and overall wellness. No matter what type of IV Drip you are interested in, our medically trained professionals will advise you on the spot at our IV Drip Bars in Hamburg and Berlin. Of course, you can also book an appointment for your IV Drip directly here via the website.

Most popular drips

Immun Drip
Immune Drip
€ 219,00
G.O.A.T (greatest of all time)
G.O.A.T (greatest of all time)
€ 219,00
Glow Drip
Glow Drip
€ 219,00

Is an IV Drip safe?

You want to try an IV Drip but wonder if vitamin infusions are safe? With us, your health is our focus. You can trust that we maintain strict hygiene. Every treatment requires a competent consultation with our certified alternative practitioners.

All our infusions are produced by a renowned German pharmacy manufacture in the laboratory under the strictest quality standards. The trend comes from the USA, but hardly anyone knows that IV Drips are not really new. Nutrient infusions have already been used in medicine for many decades. Used in prevention and therapy, they have a long tradition.


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What customers say

I am absolutely thrilled! The staff is not only knowledgeable, but incredibly friendly and welcoming. The interior is also just the right amount of modern and cozy, so that you feel completely comfortable. My drip was, thanks to great advice, exactly what my body needed after a long weekend. My skin also thanked me and I was actually asked about my "glow" several times over the next few days. I'll be back!!!

Michelle F.

I went to DripDrip for a cold and did the Immune Drip. My cold is gone. The staff was friendly and professional and I felt very well taken care of. I will definitely come back again!

Claas H.

Very nice and clean store that gives off a calming atmosphere. The nurses are all mega sweet and make you feel at ease right away. I have had nothing but positive experiences here. Keep up the good work!!!

Lou H.

Very nice and caring staff.
You feel very comfortable and are greeted with an individual consultation. The modern and beautiful facility means you don't get the hospital vibe. I was a little sick the last few days and after the Vitamin C Drip, I feel much better and have much more energy!

Ben H.

A perfect feel-good place to get away from it all and do something good for your body. The location has a unique charm and the team around Jürgen and Philip is very attentive and friendly.
I had a totally relaxing stay and am already looking forward to my next drip. Thanks for that!

Madelene H.