Allergy Drip
Essential nutrients for allergy sufferers

Allergy Drip

€ 2,99VAT included

Our new IV Allergy Drip, specifically for people with hay fever, is an innovative solution that combines high-dose vitamin C and an ATP-based concentrate. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in allergies by acting as an antioxidant that can protect cells from the negative effects of allergic reactions. In addition, it can support the breakdown of histamine and reduce histamine formation.

Application time and cycle
Combination recommendation
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Mode of action Allergy Drip

  • May protect the body's cells
  • May support the breakdown of histamine
  • May relieve allergy symptoms
  • May increase mental alertness
  • May have a mood elevating effect
  • May increase immune competence
  • May have an antioxidant effect
  • May have anti-inflammatory effects


Hay fever
Animal hair allergies

What clients say about  Allergy Drip

In early summer I had hay fever as bad as never before. I then did a self-blood treatment in combination with the Allergy Drip and got through the pollen season much better. I will definitely do it again next year!

Christian A.

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