Detox Drip
Essential nutrients to support detoxification

Detox Drip

€ 2,99VAT included

For more lightness in life: Detox Drip can help you cleanse the body and rid it of unnecessary baggage. The amino acids and antioxidants in this drip can help your body detoxify and promote the elimination of harmful substances. Feel free!

Application time and cycle
Combination recommendation
Detox Drip - book!

Mode of action Detox Drip

  • Can neutralize free radicals
  • Can protect against cell damage
  • May prevent premature aging processes
  • May stimulate the conversion of ammonia to urea
  • May stimulate the maintenance of a healthy intestinal mucosa
  • May support the immune function of the body
  • May bind heavy metals and contribute to detoxification


Harmful environmental influences
Poor eating habits
Stress - and lack of sleep
excessive drinking
Before and after travel (Jetlag)

What clients say about  Detox Drip

I already had the feeling during the drip that my body was working. After the drip I felt a little worse for a short time, but I was told in the preliminary conversation that an initial deterioration can occur, because the body is just detoxifying. After about 1.5 hours I felt much better and I can highly recommend the Drip after an unhealthy weekend.

Frederik K.

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