Hangover Drip
Important nutrients after a long night

Hangover Drip

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When alcohol is consumed, the body loses large amounts of fluids and electrolytes. The Hangover Drip is like a stop at the nutrient filling station: it can help replenish stores, relieve headaches and nausea, and can help regenerate the body holistically.

Application time and cycle
Combination recommendation
Hangover Drip - book!

Mode of action Hangover Drip

  • May help against headaches and nausea
  • May stabilize cardiac strength and rhythm
  • May regulate the excitation conduction of the nerve cells
  • May regulate the excitation conduction of nerve cells
  • May stimulate the release of hormones
  • May help maintain normal blood pressure
  • May regulate acid-base balance
  • May help against heart palpitations


Bei Dehydrierung
In case of dehydration
Präventive Maßnahme
Preventive measure

What clients say about  Hangover Drip

Was after a hard weekend at DripDrip and have treated me to the Hangover Drip. The headache and the "veil" were gone afterwards. Will come back after the next party!

Nikolaus R.

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