Are you struggling with symptoms associated with leaky gut syndrome?

Leaky Gut Drip

€ 2,99VAT included

Our Leaky Gut Drip could potentially provide you with relief. Developed to support gut health, this drip offers a special combination of nutrients and active ingredients. It can help to strengthen the intestinal barrier. Discover potential support for your wellbeing and digestion with our Leaky Gut Drip.

Application time and cycle
Leaky Gut Drip - book!

Mode of action Leaky Gut Drip

  • Can support the maintenance of the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa
  • Can reduce the permeability for germs
  • Can support digestion by releasing bile or bile acid
  • Can have a buffering effect on excessive stomach acid


General digestive support
Digestive support
Immun Stärkung
Immune system support

What clients say about  Leaky Gut Drip

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