For Vegans
Essential nutrients for people on a vegan diet

For Vegans

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Our specially formulated Drip for Vegans provides targeted nutrient support that can help replenish nutrient levels despite an unbalanced diet. By combining B-12 complexes and an ATP base concentrate, this drip can potentially provide an optimal supply of essential nutrients. Vegans can reap the potential benefits of improved nutrient absorption, increased energy, and balanced nutrient levels.

Application time and cycle
Combination recommendation
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Mode of action For Vegans

  • May improve energy metabolism
  • May help in the formation of red blood cells
  • May support cell division, growth and healing processes
  • May increase mental alertness
  • May have a mood elevating effect
  • May stimulate homocysteine breakdown


Allgemeine Nährstoffergänzung
General nutrient supplementation
Mangel an Kalzium
Calcium deficiency
Mangel an Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 deficiency

What clients say about  For Vegans

I have long taken supplements in the form of tablets to manage my nutrient balance. I feel much more comfortable with the Drip as a substitute. Here I definitely know what's in it.

Selma S.

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